Save Your Bread

>> May 5, 2011

Buying a loaf of bread and consume it within a couple of days is difficult to achieve, specially if there are just 2 people to finish it (if you don't eat bread everyday). Since it wouldn't last for a week, I always end up wasting about half of it. One technique I learned to extend the bread life is to freeze it. Now it lasts for a week or so.

Anyways, bread doesn't get moldy right away after it reaches its best before date.
It first gets dry, crumbly - just simply stale. Texture isn't as pleasing, and its probably not nice to make sandwich out of it anymore. But it doesn't need to end there, wasting bread bought from your hard-earned money. It's still good for frying :). Why not make a french toast out of it? In fact, french toast is best made from stale bread. If you google its history, it was known as pain perdu, which literally means "lost bread", an old bread that would have been thrown away but instead, used in a dish.

This morning, I realized I still have left over bread from Bizu in the freezer, that has been there for at about 1 1/2 weeks (gross ba? haha). I defrosted and made french toasts, topped with sliced fresh strawberries and banana to add nutritional value. Ooh lekker!


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