Vegan Hash Brown Inspired Potato Cakes

>> August 15, 2012

We've been having a shitty weather lately. Last week was terrible as there were flooding all over the metro, and as my family, cats and I remained dry and safe, it's very sad that there were plenty of families that were evacuated from their homes because of severe flooding. The country's not even recovered from last week's monsoon rains, but here we go again getting another visit from a typhoon. Anyhow, it was moving and remarkable to see the Filipino spirit during these times. I hardly read rants about how the government performed nor criticizing the government's level of preparation for this kind of natural calamity, but rather read more about people helping people. It was tragic for most, but a lot of people affected were rather calm and trying to stay positive.

So since the flooding was so severe last week, school and business operations were suspended, Almost everything was closed. For that matter, we weren't able to do our groceries. I kinda underestimated the monsoon rains and didn't think to stock up with food supplies. All that's left in my fridge were a bunch of baby potatoes, baby carrots, onions and some cherry tomatoes. If it was just me in the house, I'd probably have settled with an instant Lucky Me Pancit Canton (Mark won't be happy reading this), but since hubby's home I gotta improvise to impress. Thanks to my food processor, grating the baby potatoes was almost effortless. The canned baked beans I never ate served us well too.

- 4 medium sized potatoes, peeled and grated (I  used a bunch of baby potatoes in this photo).
- 1 medium sized onion, finely chopped.
- 1 small carrot, peeled and grated
- 1 tbsp of egg replacer + 3 tbsp of water mixture (or use 1 medium sized egg, beaten)
- salt and pepper

1. Combine the grated carrots, onion and potatoes in a mixing bowl. Add salt and pepper according to your liking, and mix well.
2. Squeeze out extra water from the mixture using your hand or a strainer.
3. Add the egg replacer mixture (or beaten eggs) and blend well. The purpose of the egg is to hold them together when you mold it.
4. Mold the potatoes in to balls (size depends on how big you prefer).
5. Heat oil in pan. Once it's hot enough, carefully put the balls and press it with a spatula to flatten it a bit. Set fire to low heat so it doesn't burn quickly and can cook evenly on the inside.
6. Flip on the other side once it's golden brown.

Serve with baked beans and fried baby potatoes.


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