Breadcrumbs dilemma - now solved

>> June 17, 2010

Oh how I love the idea of breadcrumbs for breading over ready made flavoured or plain all-purpose flour. But the difficulty of keeping the breadcrumbs stick to my deep-fry goodies makes me think twice. It always falls off, either before it reaches the pan, or during the frying process. But I'm so glad that finally I found the trick to keep them sticking!

Here's the trick.
1. Roll your goodies (e.g. chicken) on flour, just enough until it feels dry. This will keep the breadcrumbs sticking later.
2. Then dip it in a bowl of beaten egg.
3. Lastly, roll it on the breadcrumbs. This should stick pretty well.

And then deep fry! I tested this two nights ago, and it worked for me like magic! I was ecstatic! I think I'm gonna use breadcrumbs more often now and collect breaded food recipes.

Did you know you can also mix breadcrumbs with different herbs and spices to add flavour? For deep-fried chicken, try adding rose mary, dried basil, oregano, black gound pepper, cayenne powder together with the breadcrumbs for a more flavourful dish ;)


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