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>> July 22, 2010

After weeks of gradually moving our stuff out of our condo and dealing with all the stress that came with it, we are now chilling out and spending a Dutch summer in the Netherlands! I realized that it's my third visit here, but never have written anything about this wonderful country! So before I even get preoccupied with different things once again (like my 2 past trips), I figured I should get started with something - like the snacks that's my all time favorite, in any country - fries!

The Ras Patat

Although some Dutch might object, to me, it's comparable to French Fries - only better. Ras Patat is made from mashed potatoes, as opposed to the normal fries. What makes it more interesting is they serve Ras Patat with peanut sauce and fresh minced onions, not ketchup. They also offer peanut sauce and curry mix, which makes it extra yummy and interesting. I don't know if you can request ketchup because I never dared to ask, but for a tourist like me, this is an interesting twist.

Cheese Empanada

So I totally forgot what's the proper Dutch name for this, but this snack is comparable to empanada. It's stuffed with cheese. I like it like I like most empanadas.

Ok, this is not so special, but I promise I'll blog more food stuff and what's going on next time. Right now, I'm just having a blast chilling out with my fiance and his family. Ciao for now!


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