Veggie Bacon on French Toasts

>> February 16, 2011

Mark and I have been trying to stay away from red meat as much as possible so we always pack our fridge with vegetarian meat alternatives, in case we get these momentary carnivore cravings :P.

This is what a vegetarian bacon looks like. Although made from soy (and other vegetarian stuff), the texture is very similar to bacon. Easier to cook, and it gets crunchy too. The taste is not exact, but it could pass for real bacon. It doesn't wrinkle/curl like bacon though, but the crunchiness is good enough for me to make myself believe it's bacon.

So on Valentine's morning, I made nice french toasts with cinnamon and syrup, and laid the bacon on top of it. I wasn't actually sure if the bacon will go harmoniously with the sweet toasts, but according to Mark, it was fine :P.


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