Tika's Take On Filipino Buko Salad

>> June 25, 2011

Here's the much awaited first ever featured post in this blog by Tika Hapsari Nilmada, a foodie, food photographer, a friend, and a cat lover (like me). I wrote a short introduction - turned long that I decided to put it on a separate post(click the link to read). Thanks Tika for guesting on my blog :).

Marvie is one of my foodie blogger friend whom I met through Flickr. It's funny how I can find nice and talented people from around the world who has the same passion as I am in cooking and food photography. This is what I called "Circle of Friends". No matter who you are and where you are, we still can be friend, though we've never met physically before. I have known Marvie for less than a year, but we get closer through our works on Flickr, blog, Facebook and Twitter. See what internet has done for us, makes the world is on your finger.

Aside that we share the same passion in food photography, we also work as QA Software Engineer (in two different companies) and we are cat lovers !!! What a coincidence. Nice one :D And to give some respect and appreciation to my dear Philippines friend for our friendship, I volunteered myself to write something on her blog as a guest post.

Honestly, I knew nothing about Philippines foods until I found Philippines recipes on a food magazine in Indonesia. So, I picked the easiest recipe, Buko Salad ! Buko means coconut. It's the most famous fruit salad in Philippines. The main ingredient of Buko Salad is young coconut flesh. You may also add more fruits to the salad. Anything you like according to your taste. Coconut in salad ?! Have you ever tried ? A bit creamy, sweet, fresh all goes perfectly well in one spoonful of it. Me love it and my hubby looovvveeessss it !! (you can imagine how he loves the salad :p)

Before we go to the recipe, I want to thank Marvie for giving me the opportunity and let me write something for her blog. I would love to have her to write something on my blog as well. Indonesian food, perhaps :) Please come and see my other recipes on my blog (http://cemplangcemplung.blogspot.com). It would be my honor to see you there.

Buko Salad

Ingredients :

- 1 can of fruit cocktail (about 250 gr), drained
- 250 gr young coconut flesh, shredded
- 200 ml heavy cream
- 3 tbsp sweet condensed milk
- 250 gr grapes, cut in half
- 200 gr cantaloupe, shredded

How to :

Combine and mix thoroughly all the ingredients in a bowl. Chill in the fridge before serve."


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