3 Days Catching Up

>> January 12, 2014

It's been an eventful 3 days for me and although I missed every opportunity to photograph the things I did and cooked for the last 3 days, I'm happy that I lived the moment rather than stressing on getting good photographs out for the blog. 

So on Mark's birthday, I made him 3 gift certificates he can choose from. One is he can get any of the items he listed in his Amazon wish list. Second, he can get a backpack of his choice, and lastly, a year membership in a gym. He still have not decided which one he will "redeem", but I think I just made the choice easier for him because I broke his bag :P. Then after a long day of working, we went out to a nice, intimate Italian dinner with family.

The next day, we woke up early to start cleaning up and prepare the house for the house warming + birthday celebration. We finally took down the tree, which was a bit sad to see. The living room feels empty now that we took down all of our decorations. In any case, it's also a new opportunity for me to get some DIY projects to keep me busy in the coming weeks. The party wasn't something I have expected, it was rather quiet in the beginning but really had fun and interesting conversations with Mark's friend from high school, Amerika, who was our first guest (technically). We talked about a number of food ideas that got me inspired to veganize more meat dishes. And then later in the evening a few friends came in too and celebrated. I specially liked the part where Mark's brother and his girl friend brought little cakes with sparklers. I was touched because I didn't get Mark something like that and that made the evening special. Anyways, this being one of the rare occasions I get to socialize, and kinda the first time in many months I've drank so much, I kinda got overwhelmed and started talking so much. It felt like I missed having friends so bad that I forgot that the guests don't know me, and probably don't know my humor, so I don't know. I probably made a bad impression. So that is me under the influence of alcohol, and I'm not really proud of it. In fact I really feel bad about myself I want to be a turtle and hide my head inside my shell.

Sunday's an easy one. I was surprised to wake up the house is so clean. Apparently my husband cleaned up before he went to bed. Isn't that sweet? The entire Sunday was easy going as he promised. We just stayed in bed almost all day, watching different video clips, talking, napping and cuddling with our cats.

This evening, aside from the fact I still feel shit about myself and can't stop pondering about how I can redeem my self-esteem, I feel so thankful to have Mark with me. At times when I feel I'm out of place, and I feel like I try so hard to belong, Mark is always my comfort. He's my home. 


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