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>> January 8, 2014

Wednesday was quite busy work wise (which is always good) and I'm quite disappointed that I didn't get much of the personal and house related chores done. I'm honestly exhausted that just the smell of my pillow can make me fall asleep. I'm quite stressing on the up coming events - Mark's birthday celebration and house warming (finally wee!) on the weekend. I've got the recipes lined up (thank goodness), however, there's still plenty of cleanup to do in this house that has to happen before the weekend. We haven't even put down our Christmas tree because as a yearly tradition, it has to stay until Mark's birthday.

Then comes the grocery shopping. I used to enjoy grocery shopping, but I don't know what happened to me. Lately, it kinda feels like a drag. I only enjoy it when I shop with Mark. I guess it's the cold weather. It might also be because it's almost always a struggle to find what I need and what I want because I don't understand the language. Or, maybe I'm just such a spoiled brat, too used to the convenience of my grocery shopping activities back in Manila where I have people to help me carry heavy bags of supplies, take it to my car, drive to my condo, and then take it to the elevator to bring it all up. Now everything is manual, and we live in the 4th floor - no elevator. Grocery is not too far though, I'm just a doll shit :P.

Tonight's dinner was quite simple but delightful. I was in the mood for something light and simple, but tasty. I was browsing online and found a new favorite food blog with interesting recipes. Good Girl Gone Green's basic vegetable soup recipe is guaranteed superb! It's too bad I did not have the time (err let's just say too lazy)  to setup everything and take photos of the end results of my cooking, but I must say Mark and I really enjoyed it.

Visit the Good Girl Gone Green's Basic Vegetable Soup to get the recipe.


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I work and live at night time. I am a person deprived of natural light. I rarely cook in the morning as I'm almost always asleep, else busy with house chores. As much as I love natural light in my photography, I'm afraid I don't usually have that luxury, unless I sacrifice my sleep, or make an effort to stay up longer during the day to do a cooking + photo session. So I depend on my flash, and sometimes, available light from my fluorescent bulbs. Although, in my opinion, nothing beats the natural light, I am, so far, satisfied with my shots using my flash that I learned to love.

I always look forward to the weekends for some sunlight.

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