Basil blossoms

>> November 11, 2010

I never thought basil can bear flowers! Seriously, I thought the plant is just all about leaves - not until my basil plant grew a bunch.

My basil plant at the balcony, over looking the busy intersection of Tordesillas and Gil Puyat.

Cute basil blossoms.

I love fresh basil leaves so much that at one point I felt like I was addicted to it. But I don't like buying them from the supermarket because you can't get a small portion. I prefer to not refrigerate them if possible because I want to keep it crunchy. But with the constant warm weather, it won't last long. And even when I refrigerate, it withers. So they always end up in the biodegradable trash bag :(. So we decided to grow one instead, this way we can get only what we need - no more waste! Plus, we are sure that it is pesticide free.

I always dream of growing my own herbs since I love herbs so much. But unfortunately, aside from a small space in the balcony I could spare for a garden, most herbs that I like don't grow on warm weather. For now, I only have basil and parsley. The parsley shares the same pot as the basil.

The parsley, on the other hand, doesn't grow. It doesn't die either. It's just as is! I'm guessing it's because the basil is taking all the nutrition from it. Next time I go to the mall, I'll get a separate pot for it, and maybe get my next herb so I can start realizing my mini-garden plans in that small space we have left in the balcony. I love plants. And I don't understand why I am living in a building where I couldn't grow them comfortably :S.


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