Pikachu needs foster home

>> November 26, 2010

     Our latest rescue, Pikachu, a 6 weeks old kitten, will need a foster home soon. We found her right at the monument in the intersection of Makati Ave. and Paseo de Roxas hiding and crying in the thick bushes that surrounds the monument. Mark's running buddy, Brando, passed by along this area during his regular training when he heard the loud cry of the kitty. It was a dangerous place for her. There's no access for food or water, in time she will be forced to cross the deadly intersection and endager her own life. Brando told Mark about it and he immediately went there to the rescue.

Mark wasn't lucky to get to her on his first attempt to extract her from the bushes. Pikachu was very scared so he just left food and water. The next evening, I came with him to help. At that time we found her right under the strobe that lights up the monument, which is enclosed in a concrete compartment and locked up with grills. It's impossible to fit our hands in the grills to get her so we had to lure her with food. It was extra difficult because aside from she's pretty smart that she didn't just take the bait, the light was also right up to our faces we couldn't see her. Thanks to the security guards of Ayala, they approached and helped us with our mission. They turned off the lights and opened the grill door. Mark was then able to grab her, put her in the cage. His big mistake was to quickly slip in the food container. Pikachu took the opportunity and jumped out of the cage, hid again in the thick bushes, and lost our chance once more. We stayed and tried for another hour until we gave up and called it a night. We just left some food for her to keep her stomach full for another 24 hours.

The next evening, we found her in the same spot, inside the strobe compartment. There were no guards to assist us this time. Luckily, she took our food bait and Mark was able to grab and put her in the cage.

We took her to the vet and had her first general check up. She got de-worming injection and vitamin B complex boost. Doc Eden said she's anemic. In 2 weeks she'll be ready and in good shape. In the next 6 weeks, she'll be ready for the anti-rabies shot. She's currently very playful and talkative.

We hope to find a home for her soon. If anyone is interested please leave me a comment here.


Tika Hapsari Nilmada November 26, 2010 at 7:42 AM  

Hi Marvie...she's so cute and irresistible. I want to have a cat as a pet because my latest kitten which I kept as a pet has gone. (maybe someone kidnapped the kitten). Hope Pikachu will find the best foster home soon. :)

Marvie Yap November 30, 2010 at 6:45 AM  

Hi Tika, sorry have not updated this blog for days, there's been so much positive and negative stuff going on around me. Good news, we have few candidates to adopt Pikachu. I hope to get him to a new home soon because we are getting too attached now to her :P. Sorry about your missing cat. Hopefully he/she's in good hands wherever she is. I have a soft heart for cats.

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