Brunch at Wee Nam Kee

>> March 3, 2011

We finally got to try Wee Nam Kee on Tuesday, a Singaporean food chain that I hear so much about every so often. It's just at Ayala Triangle Park, about 10 minutes walk from our condo. Miker, a friend of mine, who's also been raving about the food they serve in this place, mentioned that it's always busy in this restaurant. It takes about 30-40 minutes of waiting time before you can sit down and eat, and that there's always a line up. In short, it was in demand. Luckily, there were hardly people when we came in. It's probably the less hectic hour so it wasn't as close to what he described.

Hearing these things built up my expectations, I must say. And I wasn't quite wowed. Not sure, maybe I'm just so used to Chinese food and has been to numerous Chinese food joint of different classes that I didn't go too crazy about Wee Nam Kee. A lot of people may object, but it's as good as my good old North Park and Tianenmen, minus the oil. Don't get me wrong, the food was fine. I guess I'm just a victim of over marketing that I expected some sort of food orgasm and didn't get it.

Here's a run down of the foodies I tried:

This is Wee Nam Kee's famous roasted Haianese chicken, single serving. The chicken is tender and tasty, it goes perfect with their ginger side sauce.

Baby Kailan leaves in garlic sauce. It was a bit different from the picture in their menu as I was expecting some sort of green buds/flowers. This one is also pretty good. I love the fact that they didn't drown it in sauce like how North Park would prepare it.

Cereal Prawns, Wee Nam Kee's signature dish. The breading reminded me of Ceralac, an infant snack. I must say I totally dig the crumbs. I was more interested in it than the prawns hehe.


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