Pickled Jalapeno - My Latest Craze

>> March 18, 2011

Jalapeno love from Hazee.
My addiction to Krispy Kreme's chocolate cake, crab paste, tiny pickled cucumber and sambal manis are over. I'm not exactly into spicy food, but I am recently hooked on pickled Jalapenos! Thanks to my friend Hazel, who gave me a big jar of it, now I can't stop eating it every lunch and dinner.

Weird as it sounds, I eat it together with almost any dish (with rice), as is. The level of hotness of a pickled jalapeno is not as strong as a fresh one. I just love that kick of spice that boosts my appetite.

Careful though, I heard spicy food can give you body odor :P. I eat 3 pieces per meal, and so far, it hasn't come out of my pores yet haha! Also, they say spicy food is notorious for exploding your ass (mine is still intact :P). So if ever you find yourself in the jalapeno addiction, just eat moderately.


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