Lychee Sake

>> March 8, 2011

Mixing alcoholic drinks used to be one of my food and beverage passions. I'm not big in to drinking anymore, but once in a while, I enjoy social drinking at home with Mark. Warm sake is one of my favorites, but I never had warm cocktails before. So here's an idea of a cocktail mix using sake that you'll definitely enjoy :).

- 2 shots of Sake, chilled.
- 2-3 Tbsp of Lychee juice chilled.
- 2 pcs lychee fruit, chilled.

Just put them all together in a margarita glass (or whatever you like) and serve. If it's too strong fro you, use just 1 shot of sake and more juice. The fruit and juice is just there to give a twist to the sake flavor.

Drinking was fun when I was young. But not now that I'm 28 :P. I'm more of a social drinker now, and I get drunk easily so as much as possible, I stay away from alcohol - unless mark's there to take care of me haha!


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