Lasagne Sheets in Tomato and Basil Sauce

>> January 19, 2011

We are all used to eating lasagne in layers. But what about preparing them like normal pasta for a change?

This recipe is again, inspired by one of my favorite cooks, Jamie Oliver, called the Cheat's home-made pappardelle with quick tomato sauce, only I didn't make my own pasta dough :).

 Preparing the Lasagne sheets.

1. Fill a huge pot with water and bring it to a boil. Add salt and oil in it.
2. Take about 6 pieces of ready made lasagna sheets and submerge it in boiling water, one at a time.
3. When al dente, strain the boiling water and immediately rinse the pasta with cold water.
4. Fold the Lasagna in 4, cross-wise, and carefully slice it in a 4, making strips out of it. I usually like the pasta long, but you can cut it also in half to make it a bit shorter for easy mixing later.
5. Set aside.

Sauce Ingredients.
- 1 (400g) can diced tomatoes
- olive oil
- 3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
- 1 fresh red chili, finely chopped
- bunch of small basil leaves, plucked
- salt and pepper to taste
- Parmesan cheese to server

1. Heat a generous amount of olive oil in a sauce pan.
2. Saute garlic and chili, until garlic is golden brown.
3. Throw in a bunch of small basil leaves and stir for 20 seconds.
4. Pour in the diced tomatoes and simmer.
5. Add salt and pepper according to your taste. You may also add sugar if it's too sour for you. Filipinos love sweet sauce :).
6. While simmering, you can throw in the lasagne strips and blend well.
7. Serve with small basil leaves for garnishing and parmesan cheese.

Serves 2.


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