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>> January 3, 2011

My mini herb garden project started in December 10, 2010 when I decided I'd like to grow more herbs aside from my beautiful and ever growing basil. I planned to have mint, tarragon, coriander, tomatoes and rosemary. We bought a number of big pots, coriander, rosemary and tomato seeds, 3 small pots of coriander and 2 small pots of parsley.

If you remember, I already have a parsley. But this parsley never dies, nor grows. It's just as is. I thought that planting a few more would encourage it to grow and multiply. Unfortunately, the new plants just died.

The coriander died too after 3 days. I didn't know that coriander is sensitive and gets easily stressed when you transfer it from one pot to another. So basically, buying a coriander pot and transferring it to a another soil is a guaranteed death. It's recommended to plant it from seeds.

During a Saturday market here in Salcedo Village, I found a pot of mint and tarragon. I'm very happy that the 2 of them survived and very very healthy at this time.

Tarragon is not only good for cooking, it's also a great tea!

My little tarragon now is bearing flowers.

Very proud of my pepper mints!

I was disappointed with what happened to my coriander that I kinda got apprehensive in planting the seeds I bought. Aside from I'm a great procrastinator, I also know no shit about planting. But finally, on December 27, I decided to just plant it! I prepared the soil, sprinkled my tomato seeds on one pot and buried it a little bit, and did the same for my coriander seeds.

On January 1, 2011, a miracle of life has manifested! I was very surprised to see that my tomato seeds are budding!


I was so thrilled! This is the first time I grew something from seeds (except mongo which grows even on damp paper :P ). I wonder if it will grow and eventually bear fruits. Stay tuned!

As for my coriander - I thought it was hopeless. But today, I saw one tiny bud. It's a good sign, isn't it? Very symbolical. Their birth are right at the start of 2011. New beginning :).


Anonymous,  January 3, 2011 at 10:19 PM  

If you buy a plant on a temporary pot (black plastic), you can transplant it on a bigger pot but you need to include it's original soil. Simply dug a hole on your new pot to fit the original soil, when you're ready tear the plastic to expose the original soil and drop it on the hold you dug. You may then cover it with the new soil. Hope this helps.

Marvie Yap January 3, 2011 at 10:34 PM  

Thanks for the tip :) that's what I actually did for my mint and tarragon. Sadly, it did not work for my coriander. I read somewhere it that it's very sensitive and doesn't like being transplanted. For the parsley, I think I screwed up when I dug up the plant, then combined it with the new ones (packing them together)and then re-planted. I really need to read more and get tips hehe! thanks for dropping me a note! Cheers!

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