Manual Chopper Turned Food Processor

>> January 28, 2011

This is a very handy tool that everyone who loves to cook should have (in my opinion)in their kitchen. This will help you save so much time specially if your recipe requires so much chopping and mincing.

Meet my chopper!

This is super handy for chopping and mincing, and can actually give you a sort of food processor results. This is what I use when preparing ingredients for salsa, and lumpia (shanghai). The handle is connected to a set of blades inside and lets you control the chunkiness or fineness through the rotation handle. The more it gets easier to rotate, the finer the vegetable gets.

Anyways here's an example of it's food processor-ish results.

Note: This is not poop.

I do not have a food processor, but in times that my recipe needs one, I use this chopper. However, the downsides are :

a. It's tedious, tiring. You have to rotate until you achieve the finest it can get.
b. The texture is still not as smooth as a real food processor can give you.

But well, it's a low-cost alternative if you don't have the budget yet for a food processor; or if you don't think it's practical to buy a food processor because you might not use it too often.

So go to your nearest shopping store and look for a chopper that fits your needs. There's a wide varieties of this, but just to give you a tip of what this kind does.


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